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This depends on how cannabinoids will enter the body and for which form of the preparation you will decide.

Hemp extracts work best against chronic diseases. These are resins or pastes and CBD drops. Depending on your medical condition, you will decide for a product with a higher or lower amount of CBD. Do you prefer resin or drops? Would you rather use capsules of hemp tips, or you would prefer tea?

If you opt for extracts, they contain high amounts of the full range of phytocannabinoids. They are mainly used for mild to very severe chronic diseases.

Advantage of the resin is that it is obtained by supercritical CO2 extraction, which is non-toxic and has been used as an alternative to traditional solvents in pharmacy. After the extraction phase, cannabinoids, terpenes, waxes, pigments and other ingredients of the extract are transferred to the separator without any impurities. This gives us the riches and purest hemp products. Extract contains up to 2000 different substances found in hemp: high content of CBD (cannabidiol), full spectrum of other phytocannabinoids such as: CBDA, CBN, CBG, CBGA, CBC, CBDV, THCV, THC, THCA and other. It contains a wide range of terpenoids, flavonoids, vitamins, chlorophyll, amino acids and other important substances. The effects complement each other, which is known under the term “entourage effect”.

Be Hempy CBD resin contains 16% or 30% of CBD and acceptable quantity of less than 0.2% THC.

If you choose drops, they are available at lower concentrations. They are more suitable for acute conditions. They also work well together with products made from ground hemp tips and Canna immortelle therapeutic ointment. You can choose between Be Hempy 3% CBD drops MiniCanna and 5% CBD drops UniCanna. We also offer drops combined with 5% CBD Canna Propolis.

Drops are obtained by alcohol extraction of hemp tips and by the addition of cold pressed hemp oil. In addition to CBD, it also contains other important nutrients such as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. They do not contain alcohol fractions, since all alcohol is removed from the drops during the extraction process.

Be Hempy 12% drops SuperCanna are made from resin obtained by supercritical CO2 extraction and dissolved in cold pressed hemp oil. It is also enriched with acidic cannabinoids and a full range of active ingredients, just like resin. It is intended for those who find it difficult to ingest resin. It contains the same spectrum of active ingredients as resins and high CBD content and acceptable quantity of less than 0.2% THC. We recommend it to people with severe chronic problems.

If resin is dissolved in cold pressed hemp oil (also in olive, coconut or some other oil), we obtain hemp or CBD drops. The difference between resin and droplets is in viscosity – the droplets are liquid, and the resin is solid in the cold state and has a thick liquid texture when heated. Unlike conventional hemp oil available in markets, CBD oil is enriched with phytocannabinoids from hemp extracts.

Extracts in oil or drops are most is generally obtained by alcohol extraction, which is simpler than supercritical CO2 extraction.

Due to poor regulation, serious studies are lagging behind, so scientists in the field of medicine have only recently scientifically confirmed the dosage regimen and the right doses with regard to the disease. Most knowledge about this is in Israel, where hemp research was enabled while the rest of the world was limited by regulations, since hemp was on the list of forbidden plants.

Because of all these shortcomings, the data on administration of CBD is the result of what is stated in various studies that have been published, and based on feedback from users who experimented on themselves to determine what suits them best.

There are some recommendations for dietary supplements, how much mg of CBD per day is recommended in terms of body weight, oral consumption and how serious the problems are. In practice, the following recommendations are seen as general guidelines.


1-11 KG12-20 KG21-39 KG40-68 KG69-108 KG109+ KG
Mild4.5 mg6 mg9 mg12 mg18 mg22.5 mg
Medium6 mg9 mg12 mg15 mg22.5 mg30 mg
Severe9 mg12 mg15 mg18 mg27 mg45 mg

You must also pay attention to the content of the CBD in % or in the quantity in the product that you use to calculate the daily dose. Consulting with our hemp consultants before and during the taking of products is very valuable. We have accumulated experience and knowledge for the past 4 years. Take advantage of this option and call them.

There is no single answer. It depends on how severe the problem is and how long the condition lasts.

• For severe problems, it will take a long time for the endocannabinoid system to recover. Do not give up too quickly if there are no desired results when you expect them. Listen how your body responds and adjust dosage. You can see a visual improvement after 4 months or later.

• If problems are milder, the improvement time is shorter. For example, problems with digestion or stomach improve in a few days or weeks. It is recommended to take Livicanna and Probicanna for 3 months for optimum effect.

• For problems such as herpes on the mucous membrane or skin, insect bites or scratches on the skin, you will see an improvement in one day if you help yourself with therapeutic CBD ointment.

Everything depends on the state of the individual organism and what kind of problem we want to eliminate. Hemp is an immense source of options for dealing with a wide range of problems. The use must be adapted to the individual. Consulting with our hemp consultants before and during the taking of products is very valuable. We have accumulated experience and knowledge for the past 4 years. Take advantage of this option and call them.

Yes. Do not use hemp products if you are hypersensitive or allergic to plants of the Cannabaceae family. It is also not recommended during pregnancy or while breastfeeding because cannabinoids can pass to the fetus and milk. The effects of THC on the embryo or newborns are not fully known, but they pass into the brain of the fetus and the newborn.

No. It was calculated that the fatal outcome in acute exposures is more than a hundred times lower than in alcohol and ten times lower than that of nicotine.

A man of 70 kg has a 50% chance of dying after consuming one ton of hemp that contains less than 0.2% THC.


CBD can cause sleepiness when consumed in large quantities. In this case, we must not perform work that requires full readiness, handling of machines or driving motor vehicles. In most cases and during the day, the CBD stimulates the cognate state by activating neurons, alertness and concentration.

Low blood pressure and dizziness

Shortly after consumption (usually within a few minutes), higher doses of the CBD may cause a lower drop in blood pressure. People with low blood pressure can experience dizziness. Be careful if you have low blood pressure.

Some recommend that you consult your doctor before taking cannabinoids at the same time as your medicines for lowering blood pressure. Our experience shows that cannabinoids help regulate blood pressure if taken at the same time as usual medicine. Doctors lower or remove medicines for lowering blood pressure during check-ups.

Dry mouth

They also reported an unpleasant sensation of dry mouth. This occurs because the endocannabinoid system can decrease saliva secretion. Sufficient water consumption is recommended while taking cannabinoids.

Increased tremors in Parkinson’s disease

Some studies suggest that cannabinoids, especially CBDs in high quantities, are expected to exacerbate tremors and muscle movements in patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease. But there are also studies showing that CBD is safe and effective for use in Parkinson’s disease.

If an undesirable effect occurs, the dose should be reduced. Deterioration is often just temporary and eventually disappears.


Some people have trouble absorbing hemp extract in the form of oils from the gastrointestinal track. If this happens, CBD oil is kept in the gastrointestinal tract for a long time, and diarrhea, constipation or abdominal cramps may occur.

In this case, it is recommended to use different hemp preparations. We also have preparations that help eliminate exactly such gastrointestinal problems, such as LiviCanna or ProbiCanna.

Cannabinoids are metabolized in the liver. Path of excretion is through the cytochrome P450 (a family of liver enzymes that detoxify chemical agents in drugs with oxygen), which can lead to a reduction in the secretion of other synthetic substances, including medicines. 60% of medicines are metabolized in the same way. The time of drug metabolism prolongs and concentration of medicines in the blood increases. Excessive, unwanted and unpredictable effect of medicines may occur.

It was found that during the use of cannabinoids together with medicines used in chemotherapy or in the prevention of seizures, plasma concentrations of these drugs may increase. It is therefore important that you inform your doctor if you take such medicines together with higher doses of cannabinoids.

When consuming food supplements, the amounts of CBD do not normally affect the function of these enzymes. The interaction between cannabinoids and drugs is similar to that of half grapefruit when consumed with medicines.

It is advisable to consult a doctor or pharmacist before using them.

We need to pay attention to the blood pressure that may be lowered by the CBD, especially in people who already have low blood pressure. This is actually a desirable effect for most patients with high blood pressure because it balances it. We receive a lot of information from our clients who regularly use hemp products. They say that doctors may reduce or even completely remove blood pressure lowering medicines.

Cannabinoids may result in a reduced need for insulin in patients with diabetes. They too will gradually receive lower doses from doctors. Taking cannabinoids is recommended for all forms of diabetes, because it leads to effects that protect the body from permanent damage caused by diabetes.

Cannabinoids work synergistically (effects are cumulative) with opioid analgesics, which leads to reduction of the opioid dose for the same analgesic effect. When co-administered with cannabinoids, opioid analgesic doses are reduced. As a result, there are fewer side effects that are caused by the same clinical effect, which is an example of a welcome interaction.

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