Do you want to cooperate with us?

Then let’s just roll up our sleeves and get started!

Looking for cooperation?

Then let’s just roll up our sleeves and get started!

Toro Trademark LTD is seeking a partner company or proactive self-employed person for registration, marketing and promotion of cannabis products and its extracts.

Let’s say that you own a small/medium specialised shop that sells high quality natural products, or possibly you just want to add some effective, amazing products to your existing assortment. We’re here for you and will provide you our best offer. We want you to grow your business with us.

Is your business looking for a profitable market that will help millions of people around the world, improving their everyday lives?  If you already have well developed B2B channels, you might be our potential partner. Offered distribution can also be exclusive for area, region or country.

Let’s assume your business is continually growing, and you own some shops that already make a good sales revenue. Since your customers seek some natural but efficient products, you’re willing to expand your product assortment and find a producer of hemp products. This is where we come in, we assure you the best quality products with full support from our sales representatives. Expanding your business has never been so easy once you’ve partnered with us.
Are you interested in selling hemp products under various brand names, based on your target market? We can provide you the white label products, so you can invest in your own marketing and sales channels.


  • Independent active search and acquisition of new customers.
  • Creation, analysis, development and implementation of innovative approaches to sales.
  • Independent preparation of offers and closing of transactions.
  • Teamwork with the development and technical team.
  • Participation in designing a sales strategy.
  • Negotiation with customers and business partners for best results.

Contractual cooperation with commission reward system.

Percentage of paid realization (net).

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