OXILVER Nail Spray 100 ml


OXILVER NAIL solution is very effective inremoving of fungal or bacterial infection on nails and skin. OXILVER NAIL solution improves the structure and the strenght of nails, preserves nails and gives them a healthy look.


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Product Description

OXILVER NAIL solution is a product of modern innovative cosmetology developed for the effective care of nail and skin. It is an ideal choice for health & beauty of nails.

OXILVER NAIL solution is proven to be effective in removing of fungal or bacterial infection on nails and skin.

Its broad efficiency is the result of complementary effect between ACTIVE OXYGEN SUBSTANCES and COLLOIDAL SILVER.Another ingreadients is Panthenol, which is an optimal ingredient to deliver moisture inside of the nail and deeper layers of the skin. Panthenol operates highly regenerative. The nails become more shiny, solid and less brittle, the skin is more supple, elastic and soft.

OXILVER NAIL solution relieves the symptoms of various undesirable conditions of the nails and skin through the process of oxygenation and visibly improves their appearance.

OXILVER NAIL solution is suitable to help:
• improve the structure of the nails
• quicker nail and skin recovery
• improve the strength of nail
• hydrate nails and skin
OXILVER NAIL solution:
• preserves nails and gives them a healthy look
• returns strength to nail
• acts as a mild antiseptic
OXILVER NAIL solution is suitable for adult and child nail care.

Main Ingredients:  Food grade-Hydrogen Peroxide, Colloidal Silver, Panthenol

Administration: Spray OXILVER NAIL solution on affected area of nail and skin two to three times a day. Spray from a distance of 10–15 cm. To spray press the pump two to four times. Do not wipe or rinse from the skin, wait until the solution has dried.


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