Activated Charcoal Karbonoir made of Coconut Shells (30ml)


Activated Charcoal made of Coconut Shells Karbonoir is a natural alternative to other toothpastes and doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients that could harm your teeth. You will feel the smoothness in your mouth even after first use and you can achieve the smile of a star in a couple of weeks of regular use.

Completely naturally.



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Ancient civilisations already knew, that you can clean your teeth with very small particles. Some used volcanic ashes, other used processed charcoal. The wisdom of our forefathers carries on here at Karbonoir. We brought it to the next level by using what modern technology offers. We process natural charcoal made from coconut shells in special chambers where oxygen is extracted and steam is added while the temperature levels reach about 2000° C. This way we can get the most tender charcoal powder which will let you become the center of attention.

Uporaba aktiviranega oglja za zobe  Alja in Karbonoir  Vito Dragic in Karbonoir

You can achieve a smile of the stars by using Activated Charcoal Karbonoir regularly. 

Interesting fact – this charcoal is even less corrosive than most regular toothpastes and is therefore appropriate for everyone.

What is the difference between pharmacy activated charcoal and activated charcoal Karbonoir made of coconut shells?

The size of particles. Particles in our charcoal are crucially smaller than those in charcoal sold in pharmacies. Therefore they can penetrate much further and absorb much more. The charcoal you can get in pharmacies are ok too, but the end result will be much more spectacular with Karbonoir.

Activated charcoal can be used with a toothpaste or independently. Dip a wet toothbrush into the charcoal and then brush your teeth like you are used to. But after you’ve brushed your teeth, we would like to recommend you that you leave the charcoal on your teeth for a minute and let the charcoal absorb better. After that, you should thoroughly rinse your teeth and remove all the charcoal left. Repeat once or twice a day and the results will come soon.

30ml of 100% natural activated charcoal made of coconut shells


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